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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Today was a busy day for me...most of my time passed in the kitchen...I prepared Koofteh rizeh, then lunch for today a Gilani food which is called " Bademjan varaghe" a simple food which takes only 30minutes to get ready.
First peel the eggplant(as much as you like for two person two eggplant is enough) then fry or grill it, I myself grilled it with grill pan to reduce the consumption of oil. then cut the tomatoes (3middle size is enough) in circle form, in a pan put some oil and put the tomatoes in it and add some pepper and salt and after 3minutes add a layer of eggplant then mix 2egg really well and add it to the pan then turn the flame very low your food will be ready in 15-20minutes. it is very delicious try it.

After preparing lunch I did the washing up and started to prepare the ingredient for " Torshi Liteh" which is a sour taste that we Iranian like to have beside our main food in lunch or dinner. unfortunately I ran out of vinegar so I have to prepare it tomorrow after coming back from university, If Allah wants it to be done.


  1. zadi to khate salighe o ashpazio in harfa ha
    bayad on ghazaye gilani o dorost konam man ke asheghe bademjoonam

  2. خوبه که بگی از کی طرز تهیه شم گرفتیاااا
    یه وبلاگ آشپزی باید بزنی دیگه