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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, January 24, 2011


We spent a peaceful weekend at home...and on Sunday with our friend we went to Midvalley and spent our afternoon...It was one of those good Sundays... especially with their lovely girl,who is 14months now and wants to walk all the time...she is sweet God bless her...
For my research I have not done anything special yet but I hope by the end of this week my samples would be ready.
Also I must get ready for the conference I should attend in March.I know still I have enough time but I should get prepared...
For tomorrow lunch I want to cook"Nokhod Polo" which is traditionally for my city, it is made up of pea,chicken and etc.
actually it is a meal for the mourning specially in Moharam and Ashura...Maybe later on I will attach a photo of the final dish.


  1. i love coocking so much! nokhod polo! what is it?!

  2. salam zahra jonam
    azizam merc az commnet haye ba mohabatet
    شیرینی اگه خواسته باشن باید برن جاجی خلیفه...سر میدون امیر چخماقه...بهترین شیرینی فروشیه یزده....از هر کی بپرسن بهشون نشون میدن
    بازار هم یه بازار سنتی داره توی خیابون امام...اونجا به نظرم جای سنتی و دیدنی هست...اگه بازار مدرن و امروزی میخوان...یکی تو خیابون فرخی هست بنام مجتمع شقایق....یکی دیگه هم هست صفاییه بلوار شهید قندی .اونجا مجتمع آریا هست....
    یه دونه دیگه هم پاساژ هست اسمش هست پاساژ کویتی ها که سر میدون مجاهدین یا همون شهید بهشتی هست....این جور جاها فکر کنم خوب باشه...
    جاهای گردشش هم که دیگه احتمالا از چند نفر بپرسن اونجا بهشون میگن....چرا اینقد کم میان؟
    تو نمیای؟

  3. hi, well, my english is not good as same as u. but i try to comment in eng. bye d way nice 2 meet u!

  4. Dear Dr.Taras
    It would be better if you say:
    I really appreciate it.