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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I feel like...

I feel like I am a loser...no matter what I gained it did not worth doing it...
today I was thinking to myself why I came to this world? what is my aim? what is the definition of a good and fruitful life?
in almost 2months I will turn 27 and when I look back to this years I think from a time to now I have not been satisfied with myself, with my decisions.
It's like I have bought something with a price of 4times or more bigger than what it is worth.


  1. ghat zadiya
    har kari ke kardi va mikoni behtarin kar va tasmimi bode ke ba tavajoh be sharayet mitonesti begiri va az in chizi ke hasti bayad be khodet eftekhar koni.ehsase rezayat ham faghat ye ehsase mishe adam dar khodesh ijadesh kone .dige mikhasti chi kar koni ????

  2. Chi begam...gahi injorye dige