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Saturday, April 30, 2011

How to learn French with Livemocha!

First sign up to the site ...it is very easy just needs an email address...

then choose the proper answer in next page that appears:

then continue to your home page:

then click on start course:

here you can choose Active French or Basic French, for active you must pay but the basic is free, for choosing basic you must go to down of the page, it is in a brown color frame:

then click on start to start the course:

after starting you will start the first lesson of the first unit, each lesson contains 40 words or phrases I recommend to have a notebook and take a note of the words or phrases with the pronunciation even in your mother language, it might seem a little difficult for the first unit but after a while you will learn how to pronounce them. after learning and reviewing them you are required to do writing and speaking, you must submit the exercises to some people, they are mostly native ,French, you can make friends with them, they are really helpful. I believe if you are really interested in learning French, it only takes at most 6 months to be fluent in French.
Good luck Ghazale, I hope this post is helpful. any question do not hesitate to ask.


  1. thanks dear .
    it means a lot to me .
    Actually i do know a little bit of French just basic grammar and basic vocab .I had learned it since I was at university we had to pass some French courses as well.
    So it would help me a lot to learn more.

  2. @Ghazaleh
    you are the most welcome...

  3. Je vous souhaite bon courage avec ton français,c'est une langue un peu compliqué mais je suis sur que tu réussis :)