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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Persian New year is coming!

New year ceremony in each country has its own traditions, as well as in Iran. Here I try to explain some of it.
Haft sin, or seven "S"s is a traditional table setting of Nowruz( meaning new day), the traditional Iranian spring celebration. The haft sin table includes seven specific items which starts with "s" in Persian alphabet. The items symbolically correspond to seven creation and holy immortals protecting them. Traditionally families set haft sin table and gather around it until the moment of changing the years, and pray for a new year full of health and happiness and prosperity,then they hug and kiss each other and it is a custom that the elder person in the family (usually the father) gives the rest of the family something as a new year gift which is called "Eydi". Then the family goes to meet the elders in the relatives and it is a symbol of respecting them.

Here is the haft sin items:

1.Sabzeh: wheat, barley,mung bean or lentil sprouts growing in a dish-symbolizing rebirth.

2.Samanu:sweet pudding made from wheat germ-symbolizing affluence

3.Senjed:dried ole aster fruit-symbolizing love

4.Sir:garlic-symbolizing medicine

5.Sib:apple-symbolizing beauty and health

6.Somagh:sumac fruit-symbolizing (the color of) sunrise

7.Serkeh:vinegar-symbolizing old age and patience.

Also we put a bowl of water and our holy book"Quran" and 2candles and a mirror.

This is my haftsin table for last year,now I am figuring out what to do for this year that makes my table special.


  1. kash boye eyd ham miomad

  2. happy new year...
    salaaaaaaaaaam abji jonaaaaaaaaaaaam :x

  3. hala senjed va samano nadarim bayad chi kar konim????lotfan nago samano bayad bepazim chon shenidam kheyli sakhte...haftsinetam kheyli khoshgele

  4. @ Neda: forooshgahe paeene khune ma miare hame chizaye 7sin ro,enshala ta un moghe ye myayd ya myaym barat miyaram,are baba dorost kardane samanu kheilii khelii sakhte...man sale aval 6sin dashtam sale badesh 8ta!emsal chand ta beshe khoda midune...

  5. @Masoud
    sale noye shoma ham mobarak bashe azize delam.ghorbunet besham man.