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Monday, January 3, 2011

Life again...

Last week I came back to Malaysia.
After 32 days I met my husband, I missed him a lot...during this period of being away from each other I found out that I really and truly love him.God bless our love.
we celebrated new year 2011 in KLCC, it was good, for the first time during last 2 years we went to Chilies for dinner, it was wonderful...I believe it really worth trying...
when I am here,far away from my family,my country,my city,my friend and etc. it's like I am always dreaming, it's like I don't want to believe this space...It's like I am a poet...my mind is full of colorful dreams...unfortunately most of the time I am badly depressed and my dreams are in black or gray color...
I know that it must be really full of stress living back to my country, since we are addicted to this peace, but it worth breathing from the same air that our families breathe.
I have a lot of good goals and plans for the future...pray for me...

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  1. سلام
    خیلی ممنونم که به من سرزدی ؟ با دعای شما دوستان ان شاا.. زود خوب میشم
    دوستتون دارم